The Sculpture Workshop began in the Heights of Houston at John Bernhard's art studio. We were having a conversation about art and sculpture, and the idea of putting together a sculpting class came up. We decided to open up Johny's space for get-togethers. The response has been great! As word spread, we tried to keep the place tidy, but over the course of time, the clay and dust was becoming impractical in a studio well-equipped with photography equipment. Evaluating the situation, we decided to look for another space. A lot of fun and rewarding stories were brought to life at Johny's studio.

Within a few months another friend, Camilo Parra, offered to let us use part of his architectural firm’s warehouse. We started anew with old friends and new students, and with less worries regarding mess-making, our weekly rituals continued to unfold until (ominous soundtrack) Walmart and its followers took over the area. Notice to vacate quickly followed, and again we went into transition - but not before having a huge farewell exhibit where hundreds of people reveled late into the night. With the muse on our side, we discovered a new space located on Liza Littlefield’s beautiful land located at the “Itchy Acres” arts compound.

Meeting and sculpting with you, artists and art enthusiasts continues to be fulfilling. Thankfully, we are still here. Thank you for celebrating with us!
Michael Sean Kirby